A framework for LoRa simulations with OMNeT++

What is FLoRA?

FLoRa (Framework for LoRa) is a software framework for carrying out end-to-end simulations of Long Range (LoRa) networks


FLoRA is based on the OMNeT++ simulator and the INET framework.

FLoRa allows the creation of LoRa networks with modules for LoRa nodes, gateway(s) and a network server. Application logic can be deployed as independent modules that are connected with the network server. The network server and nodes support dynamic management of configuration parameters through Adaptive Data Rate (ADR). Finally, the energy consumption statistics are collected in every node.

The following article overviews the design of FLoRa and some of its key features:

Adaptive Configuration of LoRa Networks for Dense IoT Deployments
Mariusz Slabicki, Gopika Premsankar, and Mario Di Francesco
In: The 16th IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2018). April 2018.

For more information about installing and using FLoRA, refer to the getting started guide. You can also read more on research carried out with FLoRA.

Version history

FLoRA was initially released in 2017 and has received several updates since then.